Geoinformation for demining

Geoinformation for demining

These pages are dedicated to inform and guide representatives of mine action centers or NGOs in humanitarian demining on the use of remote sensing images and derived geoinformation in the demining process developped during the TIRAMISU project.

  1. The availability of products/services using remote sensing images to assist the demining process are summarised in the following table. Each product/service is described with the data requirements, the required processing, and contact of companies providing the service.
  2. The sensors used to generate the products/services are also presented in a summarized table. The characteristics of each sensor is described.

Warning : Buried landmines and UXOs can not be detected on these remote sensing images whatever the sensor.

National disaster management authority

If you are a national disaster management authority you may get a free access to most of commercial sensors by submitting a request to the Charter for emergency response. Steps and applicable conditions are explained in the Charter's Universal Access Information Brochure available together with its Registration form.


If you are a Partner and want to contribute or provide new products, please fill the register form.

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