Airborne Non-Technical Survey after a Natural Disaster (T-ND-NTS)

General info
Area of interest
Spatial resolution: 
0.5 to 0.01m
Required processing: 
Mission planning, survey, stereo image matching and 3D reconstruction tools. Impact of Flooding on Mine Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia (ADD HYPERLINK) Mine action after the floods regional synergy in emergency response, technology development and capacity building (ADD HYPERLINK)
Data requirements: 

Helicopter and/or RPAS, visible wavelenghts sensor, MACs statement of needs, appropriate weather conditions & visible wavelenghts imagery, navigation data of the platform, GPS positions of GCPs.

Validation process: 
Yes. Validated through successful, operational project in Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 2014-2015. 

Airborne Non-Technical Survey, detailed, georeferenced imagery of the phenomenon that impacted the SHA, valuable information on land cover and terrain changes.

Why using remote sensors?: 

Objective scene information relating to the impact of a natural disaster (e.g. floods, landslides) on an SHA can be derived from the collected imagery, without endangering people.