Airborne survey of scattered UXOs after the explosion of an ammunition depot (T-EXPL-UXO-DEPOT)

General info
Spatial resolution: 
0.5 to 0.01m
Required processing: 
Mission planning, survey, triage of collected data, geotagging of images, semi-automatic image interpretation, geocoding and georeferencing of images, mosaicking of images.
Data requirements: 

Platform, sensors, appropriate weather conditions.

Validation process: 

Under way/ partial/Representative of Ministry of defence, end of 2015.

Airborne survey for providing the georeferenced distribution of the UXOs on geocoded orthorectified mosaic of the scene.

Why using remote sensors?: 

Airborne survey makes it possible to react rapidly after an explosion. The collected aerial imagery permits an objective assessment of the distribution of UXO scattered by the explosion.
Processing and interpretation are carried out in the most efficient and prompt way according to scene characteristics and complexity, and user needs.