Bomb craters

General info
1/25 000 to 1/1 500
Spatial resolution: 
10 to 0.5m
Required processing: 
Orthorectification and georeferencing of the aerial photographs, application of the detection algorithm.
Data requirements: 
Very-high resolution satellite images (e.g. Pleiades, QuickBird, WoldView-2, IKONOS, etc.).

Georeferenced polygons (circles) outlining the bomb craters.

Why using remote sensors?: 

On satellite images, bomb craters filled with water produce contrasted discs that may be detected either visually or automatically. Comparing bomb craters detected on images with historical bombing data can help locate UXOs.

For more information

V. Lacroix and S. Vanhuysse, Crater Detection using CGC - A New Circle Detection Method, ICPRAM 2015.