Dry walls

General info
1/1 500 to 1/250
Spatial resolution: 
0.5 to 0.05m
Required processing: 
Orthorectification and georeferencing of the aerial photographs, application of the detection algorithm.
Data requirements: 

Aerial photographs

Georeferenced polygons or lines delineating the dry walls.

Why using remote sensors?: 

Dry walls can be detected visually or semi-automatically on aerial photographs. When located in areas with evidence of military activity, they are likely to indicate the presence of mines.

For more information

"Vanhuysse, S., Hölbling, D., Friedl, B., Hanson, E., Krtalic, A., Hagenlocher, M., Racetin, I., Wolff, E., 2014. Object‐based image analysis for detecting indicators of mine presence to support suspected hazardous area re‐delineation. South‐Eastern European Journal of Earth Observation and Geomatics 3, 525–529.