Integrated system for SHA assessment

General info
Points of interest
Spatial resolution: 
0.01 to 1.0 m
Required processing: 
Mission planning; conducting of the mission; triage of collected dana; geotagging of images; semi-automatic image interpretation; geocoding and georeferencing of images; Mosaicking of images; production of thematic maps of mine threat; internal validation of results; elaboration of proposals of defining and redefining the SHA.
Data requirements: 

Georeferenced aerial or satellite imagery (satellite, airplane, helicopter, RPAS); Indicators of mine presence and mine absence; UXOs location; MIS data (if any).

Delineation and redefinition of the SHA.

Why using remote sensors?: 

Remote sensing images, MIS data, UXOs locations, indicators of presence of mines (remains of fortified buildings, abandonned land, …) and indicators of absence of mines are used and combined visually by a expert in order to redefine the SHA.

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