Land Cover - Land Use map

General info
1/100 000 to 1/25 000
Spatial resolution: 
30 to 10m
Required processing: 
Orthorectification and georeferencing, legend definition with the users according to their needs and the detection possibilities, object-based classification
Data requirements: 
High resolution satellite imagery such as Landsat (LANDSAT1-MSSLANDSAT2-MSSLANDSAT3-MSS, etc.) and SPOT (SPOT1-HRVSPOT2-HRVSPOT3-HRV, etc.).
Validation process: 

A point-based accuracy assessment has been conducted. It resulted in an overall classification accuracy of 92%.

Land use/land cover classification in 6 classes (water, Bare soil and built-up, Cropland, Vegetation dense, vegetation medium, vegetation sparse) based on Landsat imagery using object-based image analysis (OBIA).

Why using remote sensors?: 

Mapping the land cover and the land use may be usefull during the Non-Technical Survey and the Technical Survey. Information on the LU/LC cann support the planning and management of the activities during the different demining phases.