Photo triage tool

General info
1/1 500 to 1/250
Spatial resolution: 
0.5 to 0.05m
Required processing: 
Application of the detection algorithm.
Data requirements: 

Aerial photographs

Ranking of images according to the possible presence of a trench.
Georeferenced lines delineating sections of the trenches.

Why using remote sensors?: 

An aerial survey of an SHA results in a large number of photographs. The photointerpreter has to browse visually the complete set of photographs to select the ones that contain objects of interest, such as trenches. Automated detection can speed up this process.

For more information

V. Lacroix and S. Vanhuysse, Indicators of Mine Presence: Focus on Trenches, South-Eastern European Journal of Earth Observation and Geomatics, 3, 2, (page 635-639) , 2014.