System establishment, capacity building and training for RPAS survey in Mine Action (RPAS-MA-DEPLOY)

General info
Required processing: 
Training surveyors in domain of: - analytical preparation of data for survey by RPAS; - defining object oriented survey requirements (regarding object detection, classification, recognition and identification); - mission planning including security issues; data processing; - implementation survey results in existing MIS; - flight training (starting on simulator).
Data requirements: 

MAC's statement of needs regarding existing survey technology.

Validation process: 

Yes/ Validated through successful, operational project in Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 2014-2015.

System establishment, capacity building and training of deminers-surveyors.

Why using remote sensors?: 

Although RPAS are potentially very useful in NTS for areas where necessary information cannot be collected using standard MA technologies and procedures, this technology was never used and tested in NTS operations before its implementation in the project with BHMAC in 2014.
Experience from this implementation shows that the application of RPAS technology to Mine Action NTS must include capacity building and training for the deminers-surveyors, in addition to the establishment of the technical system.