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Summary table

Summary table of  the main operating optical remote sensing systems from 30 meters to sub meter resolution (not exhaustive)



1/100 000 to 1/25 000 1/25 000 to 1/1 500 1/1 500 to 1/250 Unknown Points of interest
Spatial resolution 30 to 10m 10 to 0.5m 0.5 to 0.05m    
Platforms Satellites Satellites Airplanes and helicopters Fixed-wing RPAS Multi-rotor RPAS
Available since 1980  2000  1950  2000  2000
Price/km² (*) Free to 0.75 EUR/km² 0,95 EUR/km² to 50 USD/km² 10 to 100 EUR/km²    
Exemple of optical multispectral sensor
Aerial photos in true or false colour    
Assets in mapping for demining Able to cover large areas, change detection since the 80s mage acquisition more dependant on cloud conditions, images available also in near infrared More independant then satelitte sensors from cloud conditions, required a suitable available air-plane, required national authorization ? Vertical or oblique views of small objects of interest (bunkers, …)


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